To transform our clients’ lives through long-term planning, consistent
execution, intelligent investment and thoughtful insight.

MERITAS WEALTH MANAGEMENT, LLC is an independent, fee-only financial planning and wealth management firm. Our aim is to provide our clients with the proper guidance, sound financial planning and prudent investment advice required to fully realize their financial goals and life aspirations. The fundamental foundation of our practice is a disciplined approach to our investment philosophy and the academic principles that support it, and our stringent dedication to a fiduciary standard of placing our clients and their interests first.


To guide our clients along a secure and rewarding path toward realizing their financial goals and personal dreams. By understanding your values, we create a strong partnership and build trust that endures over time. Integral to our mission is our commitment to placing your interests ahead of our own. All of our clients can rest secure in the knowledge that any advice we give you is objective and given with your best interests in mind.


  • Inspire our clients to strive for what’s important in their lives;
  • Educate our clients on how to best achieve their financial goals; and
  • Guide our clients on their path towards realizing their dreams.

Insightful and comprehensive financial planning, and a continued commitment to the long-term visions of our clients are at the heart of our practice. Contact our office to begin your personal journey towards financial well-being.


Financial planning is a core component of any wealth management strategy. With your long-term vision in mind, Meritas tailors each portfolio according to sound fundamentals specific to your personal situation and to principles that have proven to influence investment success over time.

Our philosophy is based on financial science and rigorous research, which has demonstrated that a properly diversified selection of uncorrelated asset classes, managed with a disciplined rebalancing methodology, will, over the long term, provide you with the highest probability of reaching your financial objectives.


  • Without exception, we strive to meet the fiduciary standard. As the client, you come first.
  • We customize and manage tax-efficient portfolios.
  • We strive to optimize portfolios for greatest return balanced with consideration for desired level of risk.
  • We seek to minimize unnecessary risk through coordinated diversification.
  • We maintain portfolio allocation through systematic rebalancing.
  • We apply disciplined portfolio management.
  • We utilize low-cost institutional class investments.


  • 1. Integrity. We do the right thing by our clients by always putting their interests first.
  • 2. Respect. We create an environment of mutual respect. We listen attentively and honor your opinions. We treat our clients as we would like to be treated ourselves.
  • 3. Honesty. We tell the truth. We will be forthright and candid with you.
  • 4. Service. We’re committed to offering you personalized attention and service that exceeds your expectations, no matter what the size of your investment with us.
  • 5. Confidentiality. We will closely safeguard your personal information at all times
  • 6. Teamwork. We will approach your financial plan as a coordinated team effort, incorporating all parties involved, including other professionals. We pool our knowledge and resources to ensure that you receive the full benefit of our collective wisdom.
  • 7. Discipline. Comprehensive financial planning is a continuous and dynamic process. Our goal is to enable you to make well-informed decisions that reflect the ever-changing circumstances of your life. Because we want you to gain confidence in taking control of your financial health, we’ll make sure you begin with a clear initial financial plan. Once that plan is established, we adhere to a systematic process for implementing and consistently monitoring your plan according to your changing circumstances.